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Classic Perfumes: Timeless

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Classic perfumes have stood the test of times and have aged beautifully. These scents are the kinds that a grandmother would pass to her granddaughter. A perfect fragrance that is timeless and everlasting. Although, like fashion, perfumes come and go as time changes but a great perfume that is classic will never go out of style. Trendy perfumes are endorsed by famous celebrities but a classic one doesn’t need it. It simply stands out and stays forever. Classic scents can we worn by women from different eras and they would still smell good and not smell like mothballs.

Perfumes started as a mixture of different oils and aromas that were first made in ancient Egypt. Although ingredients vary from which part of the world it was created, the main purpose for it in the old times was to cast away evil spirits. Modern perfumery began in the early 19th century and they used synthetic materials to make it less expensive. One of the most timeless scents and is a great example of classic perfumes is Coco Chanel’s Chanel no. 5. It is still the most demanded perfume since it was sold in 1921. The inventor, the legendary fashion icon, Coco Chanel created her own perfume because she was so bored with the perfume back in the early 1920’s. The perfumes back then were so dull that she thought it doesn’t fit the essence of being a true woman. Thus, she made her own scent made from different kinds of flower extracts and ignited the entire world that a great perfume doesn’t need a fancy packaging. The next timeless perfume is Miss Dior created by no less than the fashion mogul, Christian Dior. Putting on this scent is like wearing a haute couture gown with its sophistication and everlasting scent. Miss Dior was launched after his remarkable New Look collection in 1947 and had brought back Paris as one of the fashion capital of the world after World War 2. And the last perfume would be No. 1 by Clive Christian. Crown Perfumery which was named after Queen Victoria herself, was bought by Clive Christian in 1999. He was inspired to make a perfume that would best describe royalty. His perfume was made by the world’s most expensive and luxurious ingredients thus making it the world’s most expensive perfume. It has a versatile scent that suits both men and women making it the most luxurious perfume to have.

Perfumes are nostalgic. Whenever you smell a scent it brings back so many memories that were trapped in the time capsule. A classic perfume will not only make you smell good but it will take you back to that moment where you first smelled it and once again relive that memory.

Traditional Perfumes

Friday, March 9th, 2012

Traditional perfumes are loved for their natural fragrance. In the modern world we can see a lot of people returning to the natural perfumes. Natural perfumes are really the gift of nature. Traditional perfumes have long lasting smell when compared to artificial ones.


During ancient days, fragrances were used as a protection from evil. Essential oils were taken from aromatic plants. The essential oils were also used to cure many ailments. As science progressed techniques were used to synthesise artificial perfumes. The present day perfume industry makes use of secrets inherited from ancient times.


Egyptians considered making of perfume as a great art. The Egyptian perfume Kyphi was very famous.Franceis considered as the perfume capital of the world. In Hebrew tradition fragrance was part of daily life. They used to perfume their clothes and bedding.


Organic perfumes do not contain alcohol. They are free from petrochemicals. Those with sensitive skin can use organic perfumes because they do not cause any allergies. Botanical perfumes contain natural ingredients. Now people have started seeking the lost paradise of natural perfumes. Natural perfumes are still remembered with nostalgia. Natural fragrances are free from side effects. Natural fragrances are the perfect choice for those who are in the look out for personal fragrances.

Traditional Perfumes

Traditional Perfumes


During ancient days perfumes were made through steaming and pressing. Today perfumes are even used for physical and emotional well being. Aromatherapy has gained popularity all over the world.


A number of traditional perfumes

A number of traditional perfumes

The scent of a synthetic perfume will be defined but that of a traditional one is not. The staying power of natural lines is less when compared to the synthetic perfumes.

There are a number of online shops which sell natural perfumes. If you are trying to find out one from the local store it will be a difficult task. Natural fragrances are softer when compared to synthetic ones.


Vanilla and Citrus scent have always remained the favorite of women. Traditional perfumes make use of the sources of nature. Nature is blessed with abundant sources of wonderful fragrances. Fragrant oils made from extracts of flowers and herbs are known as attar. A traditional perfume captures the fragrance and essence of the nature. Traditional perfumes are pure because they are free from alcohol. You can smell like rose, sandalwood or jasmine by using a traditional perfume.


Traditional perfume bottles

Traditional perfume bottles

Creation of beautiful perfumes is an art. You can make your own perfume if you have some patience. All you require is some essential oils. They can relax and refresh your body. The oils must be mixed following some tips. Perfumes usually contain three notes such as base note, middle note and top note. Make sure that you select essential oils which are non allergic. Women love floral and fruity fragrances. Proper blending of the essential oils may take about 3 to 4 weeks.

A Thing or Two About Perfumes

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Vampires. Now what does it have to do with perfumes? It’s the scent. You see that in the movie, how a breeze can simply diffuse Bella Swan’s scent all over the place and how it seems to be irresistible to these blood-sucking beings in human form. Now you wonder, if I would have been a perfume, what could it be that even vampires, including the dashing Edward Cullen, go crazy about Bella Swan. We may not know much about vampires but we can surely know a scent or two.

Perfumes have been around for centuries. People have used it for just about anything, from oils and unguents on their bodies to basically almost anything depending on their fashion fancy. The early Egyptians used them as part of religious ceremonies and as part of pre love making preparations during their time. In Left – Lavender field, Grasse, France, people often have a stillroom in their homes in which they can make and mix essences of their own flowers and herbs. During the early Christianity, however, perfumes have fell out of use. It has seen its revival during the medieval period. And they were applied to furniture, gloves, and fans during the 1600s. Non-greasy eau de cologne was developed during the Georgian Era and it was used for many reasons as bath essence and mouth wash.

A scent has many types. Perfume is the most concentrated form of them all and the most expensive for that matter. But with the price that match, it is the strongest and longest – lasting of fragrance forms. Eau de parfum is another scent type. It is made from an alcoholic perfume solution containing 10 to 15 percent of perfume compound. Another scent type is eau de toilette or more commonly known as cologne. It is a light form of a particular fragrance with only 3 to 8 percent

concentration of perfume compound. It is mixed in an alcohol water base. It is more ideal for a more subtle impression. On the other hand, moisturizing perfume mist is a fragrance that does not contain alcohol in it. It is a spray made up of oil and leaves skin with a silky smooth veil of perfumed moisturizers. It is most suitable to use it on a warm weather for it is less drying to the skin. And lastly is the natural spray. It is a spray not made of aerosol and generated by a pump action to produce a delicate mist of aroma.

Perfumes are used to be more than just attracting a mate but also it gives a rejuvenating feeling. It is commonly used in aromatherapy, which is not something new in this era. Our ancestors have long used it in their day and age. And we may not have a scent that vampires go crazy over but placing the perfume in pulse points around one’s body can soon attract a human being or two once in a while.

Antique and traditional Perfume Bottles

Sunday, January 30th, 2011

Perfumes are like wine, older the better. Perfumes have come in various forms in the market since ages. In fact, it one of the most interesting hobbies of few people wherein they love to collect antique perfume bottles. These perfume bottles are not only antique, but sometimes priceless.

These antique and tradition perfume bottle can range from fragile miniature perfume bottles to well-known commercial brand perfume bottles that come in various sizes. Some of the leaders in antique perfume bottles are Coty, Guerlain and Bourjois.

Collection of vintage or antique perfume bottle is a hobby as well as profession for few. You can be a newcomer to this field or one who has been collecting since long. The level of excitement is always the same. You keep trying to acquire more and more of vintage perfume bottles. Every time you get an antique perfume bottle, you want to know about its past and any story behind it. Some hobbyists believe that there are mysteries surrounding each and every antique perfume bottle. Mostly they feel there may be a love story behind it as perfumes are always loved by great lovers. They keep wondering about the owner of the bottle or the ladies who would dab these perfumes behind their ears or to their inner wrists.

The most antique perfume bottle belongs to era between 1800s and 1900s. This period has seen the most famous essence jars and perfume bottles regardless of design, color, shape and size. The main idea has been how these bottles keep the ultimate fragrance so safely and with beauty.

People loving to collect antique perfume bottles keep searching the online as well as offline market to find the best ones. Some of them are:

  • Era- Edwardian, Victorian, or Art Nouveau
  • Perfume bottles that has glass stoppers or spray atomizers
  • Perfume bottles with specialty like chatelaines, laydown bottles or double ended scent bottles
  • Figural perfume bottles
  • Bottles by Guerlain, Prince Matchabelli or Caron
  • Designer bottles by designers like Chanel, Schiaparelli, or Paul Poiret

Decorative bottles like Lalique, Baccarat, Steuben, or Moser

Welcome to Perfumebottlebook

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

A lady crosses by, and you get enchanted by her body smell. Basically it’s not her body smell; it’s the aroma of her perfume. People use perfume for various reasons. Some use it daily to keep themselves fresh and spread great scent around, some use seductive perfumes to mesmerize their love partner, some use it as a part of style and some are addictive to perfumes.

There are numerous varieties of perfumes in the market. From branded to non-branded, from celebrity endorsed to local, from men to women and obviously some that are unisex. The list of perfume bottles available in the market can go endless.

We at perfume bottle book have dedicated this blog to different types of perfumes. We intend to provide information on all types of perfumes being used, celebrity perfumes, how to choose a perfume, perfume as a gift, romantic perfume, how to seduce your girlfriend/boyfriend with a perfume and much more.

One needs to be very cautious when buying a perfume because perfumes have spirit in combination and if not chosen wisely can lead to problem. There is range of perfume in the market from mild to strong. In fact, you can choose perfume according to mood, season, place and occasion. It can be anything, but most important is the cost. If it’s branded it will be costly, but there are replicas in the market so one needs to be careful while choosing a perfume.

We will come up with all information on perfumes in our future blog post!